Friday, February 26, 2010

The Art of American Book Covers: 1875-1930

I am pleased to announce that George Braziller is publishing a trade edition of my work on American Publishers' Bindings titled The Art of American Book Covers, 1875-1930.  It will be in full color and have about 150 images.

It will have a stamped full cloth cover, in keeping with the content. Above is a scan of the sample from the bindery. It is a practical demonstration that the effects created during the Golden Age can be revived on trade books using modern technology.

I have also designed a full cloth slipcase that will have a stamped spine, and am wrapping the book in it with a clear archival 3 mil polyester (as in "Mylar") dust jacket.  There will only be 100 signed and numbered copies of the First Edition in this slipcase. A pre-publication discount subscription to it is available today at

There is a link on the web page to a downloadable PDF with some sample pages.

I am so thrilled that George wanted to do this book--there is no other publisher I can think of that would have done this at the quality level this will be.  He is featuring it as the opening double page spread in his 2010 catalog.

Again, the web page for this is:

This cover is stamped with a single die in one stamping, using the technique I developed for the cover of the first volume of A.merican Decorated Publishers' Bindings, 1872-1929.