Monday, January 21, 2013

Ball Book Now Available

Thank you subscribers for your patience the last eight months. I have not been posting here while writing, photographing, printing, binding and shipping The Book Cover Art of Thomas Watson Ball. Glad to report that all pre-publication subscriptions have been delivered. Below are images of the Deluxe and Limited editions:

 Above: The Limited Edition

Above: The Deluxe Edition
"It is a beautifully written and wholly terrific thing. The story of Ball's life and work, both as told in Minsky's words and in his own memoir, is fascinating. It is also a classic tale of a designer struggling to maintain his own aesthetic standards in the cruel world of business."
Ina Saltz
Chair, Art Department
City College of New York
Author, Typography Essentials
 All the Balls you have seen on this blog are in the book, and many more--there are 88 designs + variants in the exhibition, and the book includes the five known Ball designs that are not in this collection. Check it out here.