Monday, July 18, 2011

Ethel Belle Appel

Ethel Belle Appel
Some Women's Ways
by Mary Angela Dickens
R. F. Fenno, 1896

Ethel Belle Appel
The Descendant
by Ellen Glasgow
Harper & Brothers, 1897


  1. Richard -- do you think she also did the Companion Glasgow volume, Phases of a distant planet? also Harpers, very similar cover.

  2. Yes, Chris, it is likely EBA, though we can't be certain without real evidence. All the artists kept up with developments and borrowed what they liked. DD was exceptionally good at executing a variety of styles. The versatile artist T. W. Ball was an art director at Harper's, and rarely signed his own work. He certainly was capable of doing the design on Phases to keep it in a similar style to The Descendant if EBA was not available or the budget did not allow for an outside designer.

    That said, I keep these two books on the EBA shelf. Even if she did not do the design on
    Phases, it was inspired by the earlier design.