Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Earlier Incarnation of a Prendergast

Our July 26, 2011 post featured two covers by Maurice Brazil Prendergast, both published by L. C. Page.  One is an 1898 edition of Friendship and Folly by M. L. Pool. Thanks to research by John Lehner, we now have an earlier incarnation of this design, in dark green and gold, issued three years earlier by the Joseph Knight Company as the cover of Nathan Dole's On the Point.
     Louis Coues Page evidently acquired the stamping dies for the artwork when he bought  Knight in 1896. For the later title the design is colorized. Whether Prendergast had any input on the selection of colors is not known.
     Was the 1901 cover for Muriella also taken from an earlier Knight use that we have not yet seen?  Please take a look at the original post and if you have seen another edition that uses that artwork, please post a comment.

Maurice B. Prendergast
On the Point
by Nathan Haskell Dole
Joseph Knight Company, Boston, 1895

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