Friday, August 23, 2013

New Exhibition

The current exhibition features three topics: Native American themes, books by women, and book covers by women. Below are a few snapshots of the installation.  Sorry about the flash glare from the clear dust jackets and the cabinets.

The above cabinet includes covers by Frank Hazenplug,
Thomas Watson Ball, George W. Hood and
The Decorative Designers.
Wah-See-Ola (1905) is a scarce private printing with a cover by the
Decorative Designers. The Virginian (1902) cover by Rome K. Richardson.

The Crystal Rood (1914) cover by Frank Hazenplug

This cabinet features Adrian Iorio, Lee Thayer, Sarah Wyman
Whitman, Alice C. Morse, Blanche McManus Mansfield,
and Margaret Armstrong.

Above covers by Margaret Armstrong, the Decorative Designers,
Thomas Watson Ball, and W. W. Denslow.
Shelf includes Amy M. Sacker, Margaret Armstrong, Rudolph Schaeffer,
and Alberta Hall. The left case is Florence Lundborg's cover on Yosemite Legends (1904).
The right case has sampler-style covers by Lee Thayer (1898) and A. Hilgenreiner (1887).

Covers by Bertha Stuart, Alice C. Morse.


  1. These are all so lovely. Where is this exhibition?

  2. Some stunning covers in the 4th photo in which the designs for the front AND back cover were created as a whole. Thanks!